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~ 20th Century Inventions ~ 1900-1910 1900 – The Escalator 1901 – The Vacuum Cleaner 1902 – The Air Conditioner 1903 Crayons and Airplane 1904 – The Tractor 1905 – E=mc2 1906 – Sonar and Corn Flakes 1907 – Color Photography 1908 The Model T 1909 Instant Coffee 1910-1920 1912 The Motorized Movie Camera 1913 The Bra 1916 Stainless Steel. This is basically due to the inventions made in the initial part of the 21st Century. This is something that the modern day scientists of the 21st Century have been working alone for long. According to the very latest results in various experiments, it has been proved that robots can be efficiently used in.
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